Employment: Stipendiary Lecturer in Early Modern History, St Catherine’s College, Oxford

Closing date 21st July 2014

Stipendiary Lecturer in Early Modern History,
St Catherine’s College,

St Catherine’s COLLEGE proposes to appoint a twelve-hour Stipendiary Lecturer in Early Modern History, with effect from 1 October 2014. The Lecturership will be for one year during Dr Gervase Rosser’s secondment to the Department of the History of Art.

The Lecturer will be expected to teach twelve weighted hours a week averaged over the three terms (twenty-four weeks) of the academic teaching year (the College operates a weighting system whereby hours spent teaching groups larger than one person count for MORE THAN ONE hour). College teaching is in small groups (usually two or three students). He or she will be required to teach at least two of the following History of the British Isles periods set for the Preliminary Examination (first-year courses) and the Final Honour School (second- and third-year courses) subjects: 1042-1330, 1330-1550, 1500-1700; the Late Medieval or Early Modern General History periods set for the Preliminary Examination: 1000-1300, 1400-1650; and at least one of the periods of General History set for the Final Honour School: 1273-1409, 1409-1525, 1500-1618, 1600-1715, 1715-1799. The successful applicant will be invited to jointly teach with Dr Marc Mulholland classes on historical methods: Approaches to History for the Preliminary Examination and Disciplines of History for the Final Honour School. An ability to teach one of the Optional Subjects set for the Preliminary Examination or one of the Further or Special Subjects offered for the Final Honour School would also be a recommendation. In addition, with Dr Marc Mulholland he or she will be expected to play a full role in the running of History in the College, including arranging tuition in History, participating in the admissions process, setting and marking College examinations, and taking a role in the pastoral care of undergraduates. Informal enquiries about the tutorial teaching requirements may be made to the Director of Studies for History, Dr Marc Mulholland (email: marc.mulholland@stcatz.ox.ac.uk).

The annual stipend for three terms is currently £25,013 and is pensionable. The Lecturer will be a member of the Senior Common Room and will be entitled, free of charge, to five lunches and five dinners per week during term-time and during the admissions exercise in December, and two lunches and two dinners per week outside term-time. A teaching room will be available in COLLEGE

FOR further particulars and details of how to apply please click here. They can also be OBTAINED via email from personnel@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

Please NOTE that interviews will be held at St Catherine’s on Thursday 31 July.


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