Event, Transitions: Study Day in Honour of Mary Clayton, UCD, 17 April 2015


9:30 a.m. Registration

10:00 a.m. Session 1, Chair: Hugh Magennis (Queen’s University Belfast)

1. Andy Orchard (Pembroke College, University of Oxford)

“Moving on: Andreas at the crossroads of Old English Verse”

2. Eric Stanley (Pembroke College, University of Oxford)

“Superlatives skilfully used at the end of Beowulf.”

3. Helen Conrad O’Brien (Trinity College Dublin)

“Saving the appearances: salvation extra ecclesia in Beowulf.”

11:15 Coffee

11.30 Session 2, Chair: Sarah Nangle (University College Dublin)

1. Francis Leneghan (St. Cross College, University of Oxford)

“Making the psalter sing: the Old English Metrical Psalms, rhythm

and ruminatio.

2. Katie Long (Universität Düsseldorf)

“Transformation – Transition – Transmission: on the textual

epistemology of the Old English Metrical Charms.”

3. Rebecca Stephenson (University College Dublin)

“Negotiations of scientific knowledge and monastic Identity in Anglo-

Saxon England”

4. Marilena Cesario (Queen’s University Belfast)

“Portentous signs in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle”

13.15 Lunch

14:15 Session 3, Chair: Darragh Greene (University College Dublin)

1. Sabine Rauch (University College Dublin)

“The ship as a symbol of transition”

2. Susan Irvine (University College London)

“Nature and nurture: foster relationships in Old English Literature

3. Alice Jorgensen (Trinity College Dublin)

“Emotion and cultural privilege in The Wanderer”

3:30 Eamonn O’Carragáin (University College Cork)

Some Reflections

4:00 p.m. Wine Reception and Poetry Reading with Paula Meehan, BernardO’Donoghue & Huiyi Bao

6:30pm Dinner @ The Farm, Dawson Street (http://www.thefarmfood.ie)

Cost: 40:00 on the day to Niamh Pattwell (niamh.pattwell@ucd.ie), but please let her know by April 9th if you wish to attend dinner.


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