News: FCP Medieval Dublin Series limited stock

Four Courts Press are down to the last paperback copies of many early volumes in the Medieval Dublin series! The paperbacks of both volumes I and IV have sold out already, but they still have the following limited stock available:

 27 copies of Medieval Dublin II   pbk

15 copies of Medieval Dublin III   pbk

30 copies of Medieval Dublin V   pbk

33 copies of Medieval Dublin VI   pbk

16 copies of Medieval Dublin VII   pbk

19 copies of Medieval Dublin VIII   pbk

22 copies of Medieval Dublin IX   pbk

25 copies of Medieval Dublin X   pbk

There are plenty of copies remaining of volumes XI, XII, XIII and the most recent volume, Medieval Dublin XIV. The next volume in the series, Medieval Dublin XV, will be published later this year. Get copies of the earlier volumes today to complete your collection –  don’t wait until they’re out of print like Medieval Dublin I and Medieval Dublin IV! To purchase copies, visit or contact the Press directly at 01 453 4668.


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