Event: Words and Sword, The Changing Face of Authority in the Middle Ages, Univeristy of Exeter, 20 May 2015

Word and Sword: The Changing Face of Authority in the Middle Ages

12.00pm–5.30pm, Wednesday 20 May

Ibrahim Ahmed Room, Reed Hall, University of Exeter

12.00–12.15 Introduction

Anke Holdenried and Sarah Hamilton

12.15–12.45 Education I

Josef Lössl (Cardiff): Augustine’s ‘On True Religion’, ch. 45–51.

12.45–1.30 Lunch

1.30–3.00 Women

Emma Loosley (Exeter): Life of St Nino.

Carolyn Muessig (Bristol): The Power and the Word: Questions of Female Religious Authority in Late Medieval Italy.

Gwen Seabourne (Bristol): Extracts from report II of John the Cooper of T. v. Isolde widow of Richard Ildok (1312), from W. C. Bolland (ed.), Year Books of Edward II 1311–12, Selden Society vol. 31 (London, 1915), 87–91.

3.00–3.30 Tea

3.30–4.30 Bishops

Levi Roach (Exeter): Bishop Æthelwold of Winchester.

Teresa Witcombe (Bristol): Bishop Maurice of Burgos’ Concordia Mauriciana.

4.30–5.00 Education II

Ian Wei (Bristol): Magisterial Authority and Henry of Ghent: Quodlibet XV.15.

5.00–5.30 Conclusions

Anke Holdenried, Sarah Hamilton and Rob Gossedge.


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