CFP: The Fifteenth Triennial International Courtly Literature Society Congress, University of Kentucky, Lexington 24-29 July 2016

Deadline: 1 December 2015
Congress Theme: Courtly Pastimes

Paper topics might include, but are not limited to:

Hunting, falconry, jousting and tournaments Festivals, ceremonies and celebrations Games and sports
Dance, music, songs and poetry
The Garden: Plants and Nature (real or symbolic, in treatises, in visual arts) Animals (real, mythical, literary, heraldic, emblematic)
Domestic animals (horses, lap dogs, hunting dogs, household cats)
Exotic pets
Reading and writing
Sewing, embroidery, textile arts
Amorous dalliances
Courtly spaces: Decorous interiors, decorative objects, fabrics and furnishings Warriors dismounted: Knights at court (courtly conduct, speech, dress) Courtly Elements in Epic

Special Topic: 500 Years of Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso (anniversary of publication of the first edition)

Additional topics concerning medieval and Renaissance era courts of any country are welcomed.
Papers may be presented in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Papers must not exceed 20-minutes in length (15-min. for panels of four). Organized sessions (4-paper maximum) or round tables are encouraged.

Plenary Speakers and Concert:

Lori Walters, The Florida State University, “Jeux à vendre: Poetic and Amorous Games in Christine de Pizan’s Queen’s Manuscript (London, BL, Harley 4431)”

Kristen Figg, Kent State University, “Blind Man’s Buff: From Children’s Games to Pleasure Gardens in late medieval France and England”

Pia Cuneo, University of Arizona, “Emblazoned Saddles: The Courtly Life of Horses in late medieval / early modern Germany”

Elizabeth Tobey, University of Maryland, “The Sport of Dukes: Palios, Stallions and Racing Stables in Renaissance Italy”

Courtly music in concert to be performed by Liber Ensemble for Early Music

All conferees must be members in good standing of their respective ICLS branch by the time of the Congress. Graduate students are kindly requested to include a letter of introduction from their supervising professor. Deadline for Submission of Papers (title and abstract, not over 300 words): 1 December 2015. Abstracts will be posted electronically on the Congress webpage: For particular concerns, contact the Congress organizer, Gloria Allaire:

We invite your participation!


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