News: ASIMS: The Terence Barry Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Irish Medieval Studies

ASIMS announcement: 

The Terence Barry Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Irish Medieval Studies

The American Society of Irish Medieval Studies (ASIMS) seeks to develop Irish medieval studies as an academic discipline within the United States and Europe.  Members of the Society conduct research in archaeology, art history, history, linguistics, literature, and theology.

Named in honor of Professor Terry Barry, TCD, in recognition of his lifelong commitment to graduate student scholarship, the ASIMS Barry Prize is an annual prize awarded for the best conference paper on a subject of relevance to Irish Medieval Studies delivered by a graduate student.

The prize is open to graduate students from any field who either have presented or have written and intend to present a paper on a subject of relevance to Irish Medieval Studies at any conference during the year beginning with the Kalamazoo Congress (ICMS) in May 2015 and ending with the Kalamazoo Congress (ICMS) of 2016.

Submissions will be judged by a panel drawn from the ASIMS committee.  The 2016 prize-winner will be determined during a meeting of the selection committee at the forthcoming International Congress on Medieval Studies (ICMS) in May of 2016.

The winning paper will be announced at the ASIMS dinner, which is held annually at the Kalamazoo International Congress.  The winner need not be present, and will be contacted officially in writing.

The prize will consist of a check for reimbursement of the current year’s ICMS registration fees costs, or a check of equivalent value.  It is a requirement that the winning entry submits a summary statement of the presentation for publication in the society’s journal, Eolas.  Especially worthy entries may also be considered for eventual publication in the journal.

Please note that only graduate student papers written/presented by members of ASIMS will be considered.  Membership may begin at the time of submission.

Membership in ASIMS can be arranged via:

Membership dues for a given year are as follows:
Regular Membership: $50.00
Lecturer/Part Time Faculty: $30.00
Student Membership: $20.00

 Please submit proof of current graduate student status and a copy of your paper electronically (preferably in pdf format), to Dr. Westley Follett, University of Southern Mississippi, MS. Email:

Submissions should be received before midnight on Friday, April 15, 2016.

Download a copy Barry Poster


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