CFP: Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Deadline for proposals: 15th July 2016

Issues of Perception between Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy,
Ostrava (Czech Republic),
6 th – 7 th October 2016


The conference aims to inquire into the various theories of sensory perception introduced by the philosophers between middle ages and early modern era (broadly 11th to 18th century). The conference is open for contributors taking into consideration both medieval philosophers and the thinkers of the second scholasticism, but also renaissance and early modern scholars. One of the aims of the conference is to detect various attitudes towards the issues of sensory perception – or intellectual traditions these thinkers identified with, developed or criticised (e. g. the Aristotelian or Averroistic, Platonic or Augustinian, Thomistic or Scotistic traditions, or the tradition of optics or the early modern way of ideas). The consideration of such a long period in the history of philosophy should point to the fact that these intellectual traditions often bridge the usual historical categories of middle ages, renaissance and early modern era.

The conference takes place since 6 th to 7th October 2016 in Ostrava, Czech Republic (at Faculty of Arts, Reální 5, Ostrava). The conference languages are English and Czech.

The scheduled length of presentations is 30 minutes (included approximately 10 minutes of discussion).

The selected papers will be published in the form of collective monography or special issue of Studia Neoaristotelica.

To submit, please e-mail the title and the abstract (in the length of approximately 200 words) to Lukáš Lička ( The deadline for abstract submission is 15th July 2016. The programme of conference will be ready by the 15th of August.

Further details download the CFP here.


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