Event:Violent Contexts: Ireland and the Wider World, UCC, 1 Apr

Violent Contexts: Ireland and the Wider World,
1st April,
School of History,
University College Cork

Violence, as a subject of scholarly enquiry, is of central importance to the human experience.  We often think of each incident as unique, but unique to what and to whom?  Violence is universal and ubiquitous and it can be felt in domestic, religious, ethnic, gender, political, criminal and international contexts.  Thus, the purpose of this interdisciplinary symposium is to consider how violence is conceived, portrayed, remembered, and experienced both communally and globally through a range of discourses and approaches which include literature, history, sociology philosophy, religion, language, and law.  The goal is to create a forum in which themes of violence can be explored and compared from local and global perspectives through a variety of analytical methodologies.  And, by doing so, violent encounters will be examined in their peculiar and universal contexts.

Conference Programme and further details: https://www.ucc.ie/en/history/conferences/

Organisers: Dr Ruth Canning and Dr David Fitzgerald, School of History.


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