Employment: Associate Professor of Early Modern History (1600-1850), Norway

Closing date: 30 September 2016

Associate Professor of Early Modern History (1600-1850)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Department of Historical Studies

The Department of Historical Studies (IHS) invites applications for a permanent full-time position as Associate Professor of Modern History (1600-1850).

Information about the Department and about the position
The Department of Historical Studies is part of the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU and is located at Dragvoll.  The Department currently has 31 permanent academic staff members and 25 PhD candidates/ postdoctoral fellows. The Department is responsible for the following teaching programmes: bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in archaeology, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in history, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in cultural heritage management, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in classical studies, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in European studies and five-year integrated master’s programme in teacher education in history. More information about the department’s academic profile is available at http://www.ntnu.no/ihs.

The position entails responsibility for research and teaching as well as academic supervision (Norwegian and international history) at BA, MA and PhD level. The position will consist of teaching and research in approximately equal proportions, as well as administrative duties related to teaching and research. The successful candidate will participate in efforts towards further development of the discipline and the teaching programme, also including continuing and further education. The position will primarily be related to the Department’s history programme, but teaching and supervision duties in the integrated master’s programme in history and in the BA and MA in cultural heritage management must also be expected. 

Qualification requirements
The person appointed to the position must have a doctoral degree in early modern history (1600-1850). Academic works from the past five years will be emphasized.

The person appointed must have excellent collaborative skills. Great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability and the applicant’s ability and interest related to initiating and participating in research and development work.

The applicant must document practical competence in teaching based on training or on teaching and supervision. Teaching experience and teaching skills as well as supervision experience will be emphasized. NTNU is strongly committed to new forms of learning and assessment. The applicant’s experience in and motivation for work in this area will also be emphasized.

The language for teaching and supervision is Norwegian or another Scandinavian language. It must be possible to document language proficiency equivalent to level three in Norwegian at the latest two years after commencement of the position.

Salary and formal provisions
The salary for the position of Associate Professor, grade code 1011, is in terms of pay framework 24, salary grade 57-77 in the State salary scale, gross from NOK 483,400 to NOK 711,500 per year. From the gross salary, 2 % is deducted as a contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

The appointment is subject to the conditions in effect at any time for employees in the public sector.

The person appointed must comply with decisions on changes that are due to developments in the subject area, and the organizational changes that may result from decisions regarding the university’s activities.

Employees who do not have formal qualifications in teaching at university level must complete an approved course in teaching at university level within two years of appointment. The University offers such courses. In certain cases, extensive documented practical competence in teaching will make it possible to grant exemption from such a course.

As far as possible, the State workforce should reflect the diversity of the community with regard to gender, age, functional capacity, ethnic background and the like. We therefore encourage qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds and life experience to apply for the position.

Please note that applicants who request confidential treatment of their application do not have an absolute entitlement to this. If the request is not granted, applicants are entitled to be notified so that they have the opportunity to withdraw their application.

The person appointed must live in a location that makes it possible to have his or her day-to-day workplace at the Department.

Requirements for the application
The application must be submitted electronically via Jobbnorge and marked HF 16-034. Applications that are not submitted through Jobbnorge or that arrive after the deadline for applications will not be considered.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • CV, including three reference persons with contact information
  • complete publication list with description of where the works have been published
  • description of the academic works that you consider most important, and that you want to be emphasized during the evaluation. The description should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the up to five works specified below. Joint works will be considered. If it is difficult to identify your contribution to joint works, you must include a brief description of your participation
  • project proposal of up to four pages for research that you would like to be conducted during the first five years if you are selected for the position
  • documentation of and an account of your teaching qualifications based on the list of factors in connection with appointment to an academic post at NTNU in “Documentation of an applicant’s pedagogical qualifications”, which is available from the Faculty’s executive officer, telephone no. +47 73 59 76 84, or at the URL: http://www.ntnu.edu/vacancies/pedagogical-qualifications
  • certificates and diplomas
  • other relevant information

Particular emphasis is placed on

  • the quality and relevance of the academic works
  • international, peer-reviewed publications
  • publishing activity during the last five years
  • ability and interest in initiating and participating in research and development work
  • the extent to which applicants have teaching and supervision experience from master’s degree and PhD works, as well as formal university teaching skills
  • documented teaching skills in the form of development work such as new courses, new methods, new teaching materials, etc.
  • good interpersonal skills and personal suitability

Do NOT attach academic works to the application. After the deadline for applications, some of the applicants will be recommended for further assessment. All applicants will be notified about whether they have been recommended or not.

Applicants who are recommended will be invited to submit a selection of academic works that are regarded as important for the expert committee’s evaluation of the necessary qualifications. It will be possible to submit up to five selected academic works (published or unpublished) that the applicant would like to have considered in the evaluation. These must be submitted electronically by email to Hege Kissten, hege.kissten@ntnu.no.  Mark the email HF 16-034.

The most suitable applicants will be invited for interview and a lecture for testing their teaching skills.

Further information
Further information about the position can be obtained from the Deputy Head of Department, Erik Opsahl, tel. +47 992 29 128, email: erik.opsahl@ntnu.no, or Head of Department Tor Einar Fagerland, telephone +47 411 44 702, email: tor.e.fagerland@ntnu.no.

Questions about the application process can be addressed to the administrative executive officer/Human Resources Executive Officer at the Faculty of Humanities; Hege Kissten, telephone +47 73 59 76 84, email: hege.kissten@ntnu.no.

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2016



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