News: Print Culture in Early Modern France now available

A limited number of print copies of Print Culture in Early Modern France, eds. Derval Conroy & Jean-Paul Pittion, Irish Journal of French Studies, 2016 are now available (€20).

Table of Contents
Derval Conroy and Jean-Paul Pittion Print Culture in Early Modern France 1

Alain Riffaud, L’Édition du théâtre français au dix-septième siècle: 1630–1690 5

Alain Riffaud, Le Fonds Aspin à la bibliothèque de Trinity College de Dublin, une collection de théâtre français exceptionnelle 23

Jean-Paul Pittion, Un médecin protestant du dix-septième siècle et ses livres: anatomie de la collection Élie Bouhéreau à la Bibliothèque Marsh 35

Catherine Emerson, Reading and Writing History in Sixteenth-Century France:
The Case of La Legende des Flamens (1522) 59

Ruth Whelan, The Paradoxes of Preaching in Print: Seeing and Believing in the Sermons of Jacques Abbadie 87

Carol Baxter, The Transferable Power of Polemic: Antoine Arnauld’s Arrainment of the whole societie of Jesuites in Fraunce (1594) and Anti-Jesuit Sentiment in France and England 107

Véronique Meyer, Les Illustrations de Chauveau, Lepautre et Leclerc pour Les Metamorphoses d’Ovide de Benserade (1676) 133

William Brooks, The Aspin Collection, and the First Edition of Quinault’s Play Les Rivales: An Old Mystery Resurfaces 165

William Brooks, J. Geoffrey Aspin: Bibliophile, Bookseller and Benefactor
of the Old Library, Trinity College Dublin 177

Varia and book reviews have not been included in the print edition. The full issue can be consulted online at

For further details or to procure a copy, please contact Dr Derval Conroy (


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