NEWS: NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentships 2021

NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentships
Deadline for applications 12 March 2021

The NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentship Scheme is one of the University’s longest running competitions and has been in existence since 1910. Funded by the University from its own resources, it continues an earlier scheme established by the Royal University of Ireland, which preceded NUI.

The NUI Travelling Doctoral Studentship Scheme has as its main objectives:

  1. to encourage the most able students in the NUI federal system to pursue research;
  2. to enable these students to undertake postgraduate research abroad, in the most reputable universities, towards a doctoral degree, or
  3. to enable students registered in NUI institutions participating in international partnerships to undertake substantial research periods overseas as part of their doctoral studies;
  4. to attract these scholars back to enrich the learning community within NUI.

In 2021, the maximum value of a full Travelling Doctoral Studentship will be €24,000 per annum to include a stipend of €16,000 and a contribution towards fees of up to €8,000, where appropriate.

The competition for the Travelling Doctoral Studentships in the Humanities & Social Sciences and the Travelling Doctoral Studentships in the Sciences are now open.

NUI is aware of the impact that the COVID-19 emergency is having on academic life both in Ireland and internationally. NUI is committed to providing ongoing funding and support to its awards recipients at this challenging time, and understands that travel plans may be amended during or after the application process.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 12 March 2021.

Further details available:

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