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Event: Mendicant on the Margins, UCC, 27 June 2018

Mendicant on the Margins,
University College Cork,
27 June 2018 Continue reading


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Event: ‘On the Ten-Stringed Psaltery’: Musical instruments as symbols in the Middle Ages, NUIG, 24 May




Musical instruments as symbols in the Middle Ages

Thursday 24 May, 10am–4pm

The Bridge, Hardiman Research Building (NUI, Galway)


Musical instruments abound in medieval iconography and literature, so much so that modern craftsmen were able to build replicas of medieval instruments working from images and texts. But did medieval artists and writers always intend to depict or describe real instruments?  In this colloquium, five speakers will explore a number of medieval iconographic and textual case-studies where musical instruments are not treated at all, or not only, as real objects, but rather as symbols and allegories referring to poetic, scholarly or religious notions…

Speakers:  Jacopo Bisagni (NUI, Galway); Ann Buckley (Trinity College, Dublin); Isabelle Marchesin (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris); Michael Shields (NUI, Galway); Olivier Szerwiniack (Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens).

Further information: 



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CFP: Conflicting Chronologies in the Pre-modern World, UCD, 4-6 Oct 201

Deadline for proposals: 15 June 2018

Conflicting Chronologies in the Pre-modern World: Measuring Time from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Humanities Institute, University College Dublin, 4-6 October 2018

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A One-Day Conference: Trouvères Transposed. Sounding Conversations Between Chansons and Their Relatives

A one-day interdisciplinary conference to be held at King’s College, Cambridge, on 5 May 2018 will explore the circulation of lyrical and musical material as a species of intertextual reference, rivalry, and engagement.  Quotation, both musical and textual, brings the chanson into dialogue with other genres, other languages, and other literary and musical spaces. The diversity of quotational practice and the variously opposing and cooperating forces of music and text are the theme of the event.

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers from the fields of literature and musicology with a focus on troubadour song, trouvère song, or quotations of either repertory within other types of contemporaneous works.

Themes and topics might include:

  • Lyrics in narrative: the function of lyric in narrative forms and the refashioning of song in a non-lyric context.
  • Citation as performance practice: how far might performers go in evoking a different piece, style, or genre? Might some quotations be eliptical in manuscript, yet function as a performance direction?
  • Dialogue as dramatic narrative: what is the boundary between indirect and direct speech in lyric forms? How does quotation contribute to the dramatic sense of conquest, competition, or play?
  • Generative quotation: songs built around quotations and according to models. How do contrafaction, multi-author genres, and refrain quotation interact with the problem of origins? When can we talk of improvisation to an existing model, when of adopting tropes and formulae?
  • Citation and compilation: how does the scribal craft struggle with or build off of the re-use of material? Can we argue that links of this kind were as accessible to readers as they were to listeners?

Proposals of 200 to 300 words should be sent as an email attachment (in pdf or doc format) to the conference organisers at

They should include:


author’s name(s)

affiliation (where applicable)

author’s email address

The deadline for proposals is 22 February, 2018. Decisions will be communicated by early March.

Conference Committee:

Sam Barrett

Bill Burgwinkle

Nicholas Bleisch

Trouvères Transposed – Call for Papers


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NEWS: NUI Travelling Studentships 2018

Deadline: Friday 23 March 2018.

NUI Travelling Studentships 2018
(maximum of €96,000 for up to four years)

The National University of Ireland is please to invite applications for the NUI Travelling Studentships, offered for competition in 2018.

The NUI Travelling Studentship Scheme is one of the University’s longest running competitions and has been in existence since 1910. Funded by the University from its own resources, it continues an earlier scheme established by the Royal University of Ireland, which preceded NUI.

Its main objectives are:

  • to encourage the most able students in the NUI federal system to pursue research;
  • to enable these students to undertake postgraduate research abroad, in the most reputable universities, towards a doctoral degree, or
  • to enable students registered in NUI institutions participating in international partnerships to undertake substantial research periods overseas as part of their doctoral studies;
  • to attract these scholars back to enrich the learning community within NUI.

At least five Travelling Studentships will be offered in 2018, on the basis of a common competition open to NUI graduates, in the Humanities & Social Sciences (including Business & Law) and the Sciences (including Engineering & Architecture).

In 2018 the value of a Travelling Studentship will be offered at a maximum of €24,000 per annum. This increase in funding will cover a stipend of €16,000 and may include a contribution towards fees of up to €8,000, where appropriate.

The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 23 March 2018.

For more information visit or contact

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News: NUI Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities 2018

Deadline: Friday 20 April 2018.

NUI Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities 2018
[€80,000 (€40,000 a year for two years)] Continue reading

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CFP: Irish Conference of Medievalists, UCC, 28-30 June 2018

Deadline: 9 March 2018 Continue reading

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