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CFP: The Senses in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Sight and Visual Perception, UCD, 11-12 March 2016

Deadline: 8 November 2015

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Renaissance Women: A Symposium on The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe

 Friday, 4 October 2013, 2:00–4:00 p.m.

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FMRSI: Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland



Welcome to the Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland. We are a virtual community of scholars located throughout Ireland, and this is our venue for online discussion. A peer-reviewed electronic journal (Oenach: JFMRSI) and associated reviews (Oenach: The JFMRSI Reviews) are in process of being established; they will build on Forum discussion here.

You will find members and links to their FMRSI profile pages here, as well as a hyperlinked list of their locations and of funded research projects with which they are involved. We hope this may be useful for anyone looking for Medieval and Renaissance specialists in Ireland, for scholars to interact with one another, and for increasing contact and co-operation across institutional, disciplinary, and other divides. Indeed, “Medieval and Renaissance” itself is intended in its broadest and most inclusive sense: from Late Antique to Early Modern, and covering that period or its equivalent in all parts of the world. Including, of course, scholars in Medieval and Renaissance Irish studies (and should you be looking for further information on that particular sub-field, we can strongly recommend contacting the ACIS, ASIMS, and the ICM).

We also hope to act as a centralised resource for information about Medieval and Renaissance events and activities around the island of Ireland: lectures, talks, conferences, colloquia, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, performances of all sorts, launches, new publications, assorted notices and announcements, and so on. If you are planning or know of such an event and would like information on it to be posted here, please tell us about it and we will duly updated the main EVENTS page.

There is also a RESOURCES page with links to Irish and international libraries, centres, departments and other institutions, organizations and scholarly societies, websites and metasites, and information sources for current job vacancies and research opportunities. Other useful information will in the course of time be provided here by FMRSI participants, supplemented by the review forum. Please do tell us about other websites you would like to see added to this page or to the links listed to your right (GENERAL USEFUL LINKS, and so on).

While the group’s co-ordinators (listed here below) are based at certain specific institutions, we are keen to emphasize that this is a virtual scholarly community transcending the physical confines of institutional affiliation.


Dr Ann Buckley
Department of Music, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Dr Carrie Griffin
Department of English, University College Cork

Dr Juliet O’Brien (+ website administratrix)
School of Languages and Literatures, University College Dublin.

You can contact all the group’s co-ordinators simultaneously here. We would also encourage you to use the virtual comments box for assorted feedback, questions, suggestions, etc.


Membership of the FMRSI is open to all who are engaged in teaching and research in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and who are based on the island of Ireland. Membership is open also to Medievalists and Renaissanceurs abroad who are graduates of Irish or Northern Irish third-level institutions; and those who are in active association with such institutions, or with other public and private bodies in Ireland (e.g., libraries, museums, galleries).

If you are interested in participating in the Forum, please do download and complete this this membership form, and email your completed version back to the FMRSI (medrenforum@nuim.ie) We will then add your name and details to the PEOPLE page, and transpose the information from the form to your very own profile page (which can subsequently be updated whenever you wish). Membership is free – not least in the interests of fostering inclusiveness and community spirit. And because we’re Good and Nice.

While the form includes contact information, and its transmission will be useful for the FMRSI co-ordinators and other members to contact you, it does not have to appear here on the site and in the public domain. This is not an all-or-nothing form, and the same goes for Forum membership. If you would prefer to leave any part of the form blank, or restrict that information to the Forum co-ordinators, that is fine. It is also fine if you would like to be listed as a member but not to post any comments, or vice versa. (Although we do of course hope that you might wish to do both!) This is a free, flexible, and friendly forum.

Forum members will receive Cuttings: Newsletter of the FMRSI, a monthly email digest, with a selection of recent Forum activity and news – including Oenach and Village Green business – as well as some extra features. It should be regarded as a taster and supplement to this website, rather than a duplicate or a substitute. The first issue will be appearing in early Autumn 2008.

We also offer several more rapid and frequent (but automatic rather than lovingly hand-crafted) ways of keeping up to date with the Forum. All from the comfort of your armchair work station.


  • The user’s guide and code of practice, which includes the Forum’s Creative Commons Licence.
  • The virtual comments box : to keep us informed and up-to-date about forthcoming events and activities, or series thereof; about websites you would like to see added to the RESOURCES page, or to the links listed to your right (GENERAL USEFUL LINKS, etc.); and for any other feedback, comments, questions, and so on.
  • How to subscribe to updates and RSS feeds: We offer three forms of update:
    • Cuttings, the monthly digest newsletter emailed to Forum members.
    • Subscription to a daily email service. This will include all new material posted on the site.
    • Subscription to RSS feeds, for instant updates whenever a new item appears on the site (e.g. news about a new event or activity) – with no need to navigate away to your email…

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